Journal of Korea Society of Waste Management

(2019. 12. 1 Enactment)


General rules

1. The content of Asia Pacific Journal of Applied Sport Convergence (hereinafter referred to as APJASS) is original and effective thesis related to sport science.

- Regular paper: Original research, which in itself contains valuable conclusions or facts.

- Note: Something that cannot be summarized as an original paper, such as a discovery of a limited part or a new research and experiment method, but is worthy of publication.

- Review paper: A review article of all fields related to sport science is published.

Through a thorough literature search, the latest research trends in a specific field or criticisms of current knowledge are preferentially adopted.

2. In principle, papers published in this journal should not be published in other journals.

3. In principle, all contributors, including co-researchers, must join this society.

4. Contributors must not submit to other publications until the editorial board decides whether to accept it or not.

5. In principle, the journal of this society should be published at least three times a year, but it is published regularly in April, August, and December of each year.

6. This journal is mainly published in humanities, social science, natural science, engineering in sport, etc.

7. The paper submission deadline is at the end of April, August, and December every year.

8. In principle, this journal should be produced as an e-journal. However, it can be published as a booklet if necessary.

9. When submitting a paper, the researcher's checklist must be completed and submitted.


II. Manuscript writing rules

1. The writing of the paper follows below system.

- The title, researcher's name, affiliation, address, disclosure statement, Funding, authors’ ORCID abstract, keywords, corresponding author's e-mail, main body (introduction, literature review, method, result, conclusion, implication), and references are organized in the following order.


Indication of researcher information

- Authors’ namea and Authors’ nameb

aDepartment, University, City, Country

bDepartment, University, City, Country


Serial Number

- Serial numbers are not assigned to the table of contents.

2. In principle, the form of the manuscript should be written in English.

3. In principle, manuscript editing and length should be limited to 6000 words in accordance with the APJASS editing format.

4. Manuscripts must be written in word and submitted. Submitted manuscripts will not be returned.

5. The manuscript should consist of an abstract, and the abstract should not consist of paragraphs. Abstracts should be divided into purpose, method, result, conclusion and implication, connected without changing lines, and described within 250 words (excluding the title and author name). Five keywords that match the content of the manuscript are attached after the abstract, and the terms listed in MeSH ( are used in principle.

6. In the main text, the order of introduction, literature review, method, result, conclusion, implication, and references is organized.

7. Keywords should be written in lowercase letters, but the first letter of the first word and the proper name may be written in uppercase.

8. The corresponding author's e-mail must be indicated.

9. In principle, the first letter of all words should be capitalized for the title. However, except for the first word in the title, articles, prepositions, and relative adverbs of 4 letters or less are written in lowercase letters.

10. Authors should fill out the “submission form” and upload it to the ASCS website along with the paper. Authors can download this form from ASCS website.

11. The overall paper structure is as follows.

- Title

- Author’s name, affiliation and address

- Disclosure statement

- Funding

- Authors’ ORCID

- Abstract

- Keywords

- Heading

- Figure title

- Table title

- References